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Pump House Coookie PolicyEvery website will have their own cookie policy – is no different.  Here you’ll find all the information you need which should help you decide how your computer/tablet/phone etc, should handle cookies from us (and others).You can also view’s Privacy Policy to find out how we protect your online information.

What Are Cookies?

Even though we would all love it if websites started throwing out real ‘cookies’, in reality, we know that it’s not going to happen anytime soon!  Here, we’ll be discussing cookies that are digital in nature, a small text file that’s downloaded to your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone whilst you use our site.  These cookies are not unique to us but are found online whilst using the internet.

There are generally two forms of cookies:

  1. Session Cookies:  A session cookie generally lasts whilst you are on a  website to tell that site you are the same person viewing their site (think shopping baskets etc).
  2. Persistant Cookies:  These cookies will be set to last for a specific set amount of time and lets the website know it’s you when you go back to the site (think online banking and ‘remember me’ facilities).

Cookies are sent either by the site you are viewing/browsing or by third party sites such as social media buttons used for the sharing of content (think Facebook, Twitter etc) or for advertising reasons (think Google showing you related ad’s).

Are Cookies Dangerous?

Cookies are certainly not something that you should lose any sleep over.  By sending you that small text file it helps sites to gather certain information but a cookie is not a virus or malware of any kind – it cannot view any of YOUR files.

These cookies are not dangerous or harmful to you, your personal information or your viewing platforms.

What Cookies Are Used? uses cookies for four main reasons, just like most other sites on the internet.  Some, or all, of these might be used whilst you are using this website.

  1. Essential Cookies
  2. Analytical Cookies
  3. Functional Cookies
  4. Advertising Cookies

Essential Cookies

It’s these ‘essential cookies’ that help with the overall running of the site.  They do things such as help the site know the difference between those who have accounts with us and those that don’t, as an example.  When you tick the box that says ‘keep me logged in’ or ‘remember me’, that function relies on these cookies to carry out those tasks.

Analytical Cookies

These cookies help us improve the website by giving us information like how a reader found us or how long they stayed for.  Knowing this information helps us develop and grow the site to enhance the readers experience by making sure that they get exactly what they were looking for.  The information that gets shared can in no way identify the reader.

Functional Cookies

Functional cookies let remember choices that you might previously have made such as the sharing of content on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter – no one wants to flood the net with duplicate links 🙂

Advertising Cookies

It’s these cookies that help advertisers show ‘adverts’ that are relevant to you,  and these can be based on any previous browsing history (although this is still done anonymously even if you were logged into your account with us).

How To Manage Cookies

Cookies are a big help to both websites, website owners, third parties and also YOU but we do understand that you might not want to use them.  You are always in control of what cookies you allow or disallow and you have the ability to change those choices as and when you want.

It is worth noting however that should you chose to disallow certain cookies, it could impact your ability to use certain parts of websites.

Check ‘help’ links for your specific browser on how to change your cookie settings.

Further Reading On Cookies

Your Consent For Cookie Usage

By using you are consenting to the use of cookies that might be used by this site as listed above.
Of course, this consent does not, will not, override your own cookie settings that you have or might make but could impact your ability to use certain areas of this website.  Your cookie choices are your own and here at Pump House Riding Club we repect that right and will always protect your online privacy and choices.